The Midwest Environmental Education Consortium is a professional development collaboration between four states: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The conservation education / environmental education associations in these states invite all to join together for local field studies, educational sessions, training, and workshops focused on environmental, cultural, and historical interpretation and education. MEEC is held every two years.

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The Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI), has the proud honor to host MEEC 2017 . Live in the NOW, with Focus on the FUTURE. We are excited to bring the region together to enhance our EE knowledge, grow stronger together through experiences, and shine as an inspiration to connect ALL to the natural world.

What's Your Niche!?! Nature, Native, Neighborhood, Nurture, and Nourishment! We are excited to bring a variety of niches(strands) to enhance our attendees careers and passions. Embrace the opportunity to engage with captivating speakers, diverse concurrent sessions, exhilarating off-site field studies, impactful workshops, and lively social gatherings, EEAI hopes to provide a world class experience that will allow each participant to refresh, focus and bring a new excitement to their calling.

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The mission of Iowa Conservation Education Coalition (ICEC) is to empower Iowa's formal and non-formal educators to promote environmental literacy and facilitate networking. Our vision is to advocate for environmental literacy in Iowa. ICEC provides a compendium of resources for science teachers, be they in the classroom or working as naturalists for various governmental and private entities. Ideas for hands-on activities, links to current research, and information on upcoming workshops are available on the ICEC website.

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The Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE) strengthens the role of education as a solution to our environmental and societal challenges.

We serve environmental education (EE) professionals, students, K-12 educators, and their allies in Minnesota through:

  • Coordinating professional development and networking opportunities through conferences and other events
  • Acknowledging successful EE programs and professionals with EE Awards
  • Supporting legislation, partnership and programming that advances EE at the state, regional and national level
  • Empowering our members with the resources they need

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The Wisconsin Association of Environmental Education (WAEE) is a member-based, professional community of individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds that promote responsible environmental action, elevates voices for environmental justice, and celebrates excellence in environmental education. Three pillars frame our work: Advocacy, Networking, and Recognition.

Mission: The Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (WAEE) nurtures  individuals and organizations working towards sustainable, resilient communities.

Vision: An environmentally-literate, action-oriented community that communicates, connects, and advocates for a sustainable, resilient Wisconsin.

Recognizing that the current environmental education field does not represent all communities, WAEE supports the North American Association for Environmental Education’s vision of “A sustainable future for all where environmental and social responsibility drive individual and institutional choices.”

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